Meet Asia

We’re excited to announce the newest member of our team, Asia! An Iraqi refugee, Asia relocated to Dallas, Texas by way of Istanbul, Turkey, a few years ago. Her parents passed away when she was younger, and her only brother still lives in Iraq with his wife and kids. Speaking very little Turkish and in a new country, she found it hard to get work in Istanbul as a refugee woman.

So after living in Turkey for two years, Asia applied to live in the United States. She resettled in Dallas, Texas, through the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Asia goes to the library twice a week to learn English and is determined to become fluent.

With a background in tailoring and interior design, Asia recently joined the GEMS BY THE FOOT™ team as a seamstress, hand-sewing the company’s fabric travel pouches, its signature packaging. She has been a tailor for 13 years and also has experience designing curtains from when she lived in Iraq.

Asia is interested in jewelry making and has begun basic training to learn how to make our jewelry products, with the hopes of soon expanding her role. Welcome to the team, Asia! You’re a GEM!

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