nahvaGEMS is a new collection in collaboration with Nahva Jewelry, an Arizona-based brand founded by designer and former refugee, Shirin Parker. The collaboration, consists of an earring design offered in nine different gemstones and paired with Nahva Jewelry’s handmade, one-of-a-kind polymer clay pieces. This earring style is named after the woman that assembles them, Ruqaya, a brave woman from Afghanistan rebuilding her life in North Texas.

Designer Spotlight:  
This collaboration marks the first time GEMS BY THE FOOT® has partnered with a jewelry brand founded by a former refugee. Shirin Parker, the force behind Nahva Jewelry, was born in Sri Lanka and resettled in the United States with her family when she was a child, after fleeing the civil war in her home country. Today, Parker lives in Arizona with her husband and two daughters. The nahvaGEMS collection will continue to reinforce the mission of GEMS BY THE FOOT®, which aims to empower refugee women and their families resettling in Dallas, Texas. 
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